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Be that self which one truly is-Soren Kierkegaard

Walk & talk therapy, a first step towards to a happier self, and a happier life

Are you stuck in damaging and counterproductive ways of dealing with your difficulties? Perhaps you have tried traditional counselling and it was not for you? Don’t be discouraged, together we can find a better way. Walk and Talk Therapy is a new form of counselling and could be an excellent alternative. Walking outside can help us feel grounded and connected to nature, or each other. Walking alongside each other changes the interaction.

It might also be an option worth considering if you are sitting in an office all day.

Research shows that walking outdoors can positively change the brain and reduce negative thinking. Just 20 minutes in nature increases the feel-good hormones oxytocin, releases endorphins, and reduces the stress hormone cortisol, so it is not surprising that it helps to alleviate fatigue, tension, depression, anxiety, anger… When you add the benefits of walking outdoors with those of talking to a qualified counsellor truly listening, the result is a different kind of counselling combining body and mind.

The initial session takes place indoors. We can discuss what you would like from the sessions, check we are comfortable working together, agree on the location, logistics, a bad weather plan, or what we do if encounter someone we know…Walk and Talk Counselling does not require a high level of fitness, just to be able to walk for at least 20 minutes. I will match your pace, so you feel comfortable, whether you want a slow, relaxing session or a more active, fast-paced one.

The very act of walking is a metaphor for moving forwards.

If you have more questions about Walk and Talk Counselling, get in touch by message or over the phone.

Online therapy a first click towards your happy self

Are you stuck in a dead end unable to move forward with your life? Does face to face counselling not seem the right option for you? Hang in there, help is here. Online counselling gives you the flexibility and freedom to be listened to in the comfort of your own home, or even at work or abroad.

It is also a great way to limit transport related stress, costs, or time constraints. I offer appointments on the telephone, and favour Zoom as a secure platform. Research shows that online therapy is an effective way of working and that many people feel even more comfortable opening up about their difficulties when they are online. I am here to listen to you. Prior to the first session, we will determine your platform of choice (Zoom, phone). During our initial session, we can check that we are comfortable working together, discuss confidentiality, consider the specifics of online counselling (security, connection) and your expectations from our sessions.

Online counselling offers to connect you to reconnect with yourself.

If you want to learn more about online therapy, you can send me a message or contact me by phone.

Face to face counselling

Are you feeling demotivated, trapped in a painful place and unable to move forward?

Don’t be discouraged; together we can work on the issues that are causing emotional pain.

One in 4 people in the UK has had counselling with 65% of people improving after just 7 sessions.

In our sessions, I will not offer advice or ready-made solutions, but fully listen without criticising or judging in a safe and confidential space.

You will be able to explore your feelings, your thought processes, notice helpful and unhelpful patterns of behaviour, make sense of your difficulties, and discover your own way forward.

During the initial session we can discuss what you would like from counselling, check we are comfortable, working together, confidentiality etc…

We will be meeting in my counselling room in Wigan town centre, situated 5-minute walk away from the bus or train station.

If you have more questions about face to face counselling, get in touch by message or over the phone.

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